Matt Mullenweg’s overview of WordPress Oct. ’09


  1. Hosted under your own domain name WordPress software is FREE

  2. Really easy publishing system you can manage yourself and get beyond an online brochure

  3. More than a blog it can power your whole website

  4. Your blog page is integrated with your website for great SEO to boost your position on search results pages

  5. Updating and Adding new pages and blog posts only requires basic technical skills

  6. If you can send an email and create a Word document you can manage your website/blog page

  7. WP is web-based you can update your website and blog posts from any computer with an internet connection
  8. Theme Designs and add-ons are easy to install for photo galleries, ecommerce, membership sites, advertising and much more

  9. Tons of FREE and Premium web design themes you can spend more time on your content and implementing your online strategies

  10. Robust website analytics

  11. Advanced blog spam protection for Akismet

  12. It’s the #1 open source Content Management System & publishing platform with superior functionality and support