website-maintenance-blue-round-1The Professional Website Maintenance Package at $ 59 per month, is more than the automatic updates scheduled from a central hub you find in most maintenance services.

This is a “hands-on” service that provides responsible consistent website maintenance and improvements to provide better security and performance as the World Wide Web and WordPress evolve.

Your monthly updates include a Continuous Improvement Review that double-checks to see if it’s time to replace that plugin that hasn’t been updated in over a year and your website improvements.

Website tools and best practices are constantly changing and so will your site. You’ll take advantage of those changes instead of letting them turn into disadvantages.

Professional – Monthly Maintenance

  • Maintenance for 1 website
  • Monthly Updates for: WordPress Core, Theme, Plugins
    • Minor updates are scheduled to occur during the month automatically for security purposes and major updates are done manually every month based on the flow of updates and known issues.
  • Monthly Database Optimization
  • Continuous Improvement Health Check Review
    • A semi-annual Health Check: check for outdated plugins, make plugin configuration adjustments, reconnect services as needed, and apply periodic performance and security improvements as best practices and tools evolve.
  • Post Update “Eyes-On” Site Review
    • Following updates we review the home, contact and two inner pages in desktop and mobile views.
  • Security Protection by Wordfence including:
    • Blocking Features
    • Login Security
    • Security Scanning
    • WordPress Firewall
    • Monitoring Features
    • See Full list

This is the standard Wordfence level, the Premium level can be added for an annual license fee. (see details)

  • Uptime Monitoring w/email notification
    • Uptime monitoring and notification provided by Uptime Robot
  • Monthly Backup Stored Off-site
    • Backups are stored at the location of your choice, including: Amazon Web Services S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Your backups are configured to be safely stored in an account you own. Backup copies are retained for 3 months
  • Quick Fix
    • If you need a small tweak or something breaks your site during an update we’ll work up to 30 minutes to make small changes or correct issues. If an issue or support ticket requires more attention, we discuss the options to correct the issue or work and the different budget considerations. Additional work is scoped and invoiced separately.
  • Q & A Email Support
    • If you’ve got a question or need direction that can be covered in 10 – 15 minute reply send us an email. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.
  • Basic Annual License Fees Included
    • Basic Licenses (a $ 220 value) included: Elementor Pro, Gravity Forms, Backup Buddy

Additional Information:
Maintenance Terms of Service
FAQ Page
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$ 59 – billed monthly (cancel at any time)