website-maintenance-blue-round-1The Express ANNUAL Maintenance package leverages automatic updates to keep the site up to date. You are encouraged to visit your site on a monthly basis for an “eyes on” review to make sure everything is running smoothly.

On an ANNUAL basis we perform a Health Check that includes a Continuous Improvement Review that double-checks to see if it’s time to replace that plugin that hasn’t been updated in over a year and other website improvements as needed.

Website tools and best practices are constantly changing and so will your site. You’ll take advantage of those changes instead of letting them turn into disadvantages.

Who is a fit for the Express Maintenance? Informational or “Brochure” websites with no advanced functionality, requiring minimal website changes, and with primarily client referral traffic are websites that benefit from this type of maintenance.

Express – ANNUAL Maintenance

  • Maintenance for 1 website
  • Auto Updates activated and configured for WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugins
    • Updates are conducted automatically and there is an automated check during the update process. If an update breaks a website the update is skipped and email notification sent. It is recommended you visit your website on a monthly basis.
  • Annual Health Check Continuous Improvement Review
    • Annually we check for outdated plugins, make plugin setting and configuration adjustments, and apply performance and security improvements as best practices and tools evolve.
  • Annual Database Optimization
    • During the Annual Health Check the database is optimized.
  • Security Protection by Wordfence including:
    • Blocking Features
    • Login Security
    • Security Scanning
    • WordPress Firewall
    • Monitoring Features
    • See Full list

This is the standard Wordfence level, the Premium level can be added for an annual license fee. (see details)

  • Uptime Monitoring w/email notification
    • Uptime monitoring and notification provided by Uptime Robot
  • Monthly Backup Stored Off-site
    • Backups are stored at the location of your choice, including: Amazon Web Services S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Your backups are configured to be safely stored in an account you own. Backup copies are retained for 6 months.
  • NO Basic License Fees included and charged separately

On-going tools and services may be subject to change based on availability and costs associated with providing tools and services.

Additional Information:
Maintenance Terms of Service
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$ 175 – billed annually (cancel at any time)