What happened when I threw out the baby with the bathwater?

Corrinda Campbell, MBA (303) 249-4615 WordPress Developer since 2008 - Denver CO

A great partnership was formed. 

Corrinda Campbell here, in 2008 I had a nice website that I updated regularly and enjoyed top rankings from Google for the marketing consulting business I started in 2004, Business Connection Network.

But the proprietary website building system I was using was not only expensive, but also didn’t work very well.

So after much frustration I announced we were through and asked for a backup copy of my website.  Well it never arrived and I disappeared from the known Google universe and had to start over from scratch.

Out with the old and in with the new

Could I have done a better job transitioning to a new website?  In hindsight, which is always 20/20, yes.  After severing all ties to the previous company and being left with nothing, I quickly put up an HTML website and started over.  

As I began to build and maintain that site I learned early on the time and cost saving advantage of a content management system (CMS).

Having already invested a significant amount of time and money creating the original and starting over websites, I needed to make a better decision on how I was going to publish my website.  

What I wanted was a cost effective, full-featured, flexible, and efficient website solution.  In my search for that solution I found WordPress.

In 2009, after that website disaster that took me from page one Google rankings to invisible, I turned my full time business focus to online marketing strategies and building WordPress websites with the creation of Hard Working Web.

My passion is working with Small Business Owners helping them take control of their online marketing.  We work together to move beyond a static unproductive website or no website at all to create solutions that not only look nice but also meet their business/marketing objectives and get results.

My tool chest

I use my tech background (WordPress best practices, CSS, HTML, and PHP), experience with product creation starting in the early 90’s with Careerpath.com as Senior Product Manager, and nearly 30 years of marketing and management experience both on the job and as an M.B.A. graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

At HWW I partner with my clients to create websites with a purpose that facilitate profitable online marketing strategies.

Working with corporations including Ralph Lauren and Clairol, and range of smaller organizations in industries including, not-for-profit, fine art, retail, and holistic medicine gives me a broad perspective and insights to a variety of business models.

In addition, I am active in the WordPress community as the lead organizer of The Denver WordPress Meetup and one of the lead organizers of WordCamp Denver 2013 and 2015. Click Here for more information about the Meetup From 2004 – 2010 I was also founder and host of the Women in Business Network Luncheon and the host of Conscious 360’s A.C.E. Networking Denver.

The “Team”

Rex - King of Sunnysde
Rex – King of Sunnyside

And let me introduce Rex, my hardworking office assistant.  

Not only is he the “King of the Block” he’s also in charge of keeping the boss sane and making sure I get up from the computer once in a while – to feed him of course.  

His favorite job is filing my client folders on the floor during his afternoon meeting nap on my desk.

Outside of the office

Having lived on both coasts I now call Denver, Colorado home and am an avid skier, chef, traveler, animal lover, and reader.


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